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Hello Infidels,

My name is Father Merrin. Perhaps you remember me from that movie that depicted a very young Hillary Clinton, before Billy Boy and the Demoncrat Party took possession of her soul. Or was it the other way around? Well, you get the idea.

I've been quite busy in the decades since then. I've tried, unsuccesfully, to exorcise the demons from the souls of the following Dumbocrats:

Barney's Frank, Nancy Peloser, Barbara Boxhead, Diane FiendStein, Dickbrain Durbin and Dennis Queerspinach. I once tried to exorcise the demons from Teddui Kennedrunk, but I became light-headed and dizzy and drove off a bridge later that night in an Oldsmobile.

I even attempted to exorcise the demons from failed presidential candidate and cover-boy for Cap'n Crunch cereal, Fleet Admiral John Kerry and his 47 purple hearts, 33 silver medals of freedom, 4 leaf clovers and that shiny Cap'n Crunch Super Sailor Badge with clusters. (L.L.;)

Although there's plenty I don't agree with the Republican Party on, there's absolutely nothing I agree with the Disastercrat Party on. Especially their complete lack of support for our troops. Of course, they'll vehemently deny this and act outraged that anyone would question their patriotism. Well, I question their patriotism and their complete lack of understanding IslamoFascism.

The job of these misguided liberals is to work against America's best interests at every turn if it means damaging a Republican Administration. Of course, they'll deny that too, but what are they going to do? Tell the truth and admit that they'd rather see America fail than to have Bush/Cheney succeed at anything? The Defeatocrats can't be that obvious about it. They can't admit that anymore than they can admit that they prefer The U.N. over the The U.S.A. So they're either too dumb or too dishonest to be running the show in the era of terror.

What this all means is that The Exorcist has a lot of souls to cast demons out of. And, as you can see, it's full-time work. However, The Exorcist never gives up the good fight against evil.

May the power of Right compel you!


Casting demons from the souls of the possessed.