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Gwen's Ghost

Silky looks soooo durn purty in that photo.

What must it be like for his wife to have a hubby that's prettier than her?


Well, I think we ought to write a story of Silky Pony and his wife meeting at a beauty contest where they are both competing against each other...

Uh oh. Where will you be when your pain meds kick in?


I wrote megapix's apology.
I hope she likes it. We will hear screeching and yelling now.

Oh well. It is satire.

Jean Lafitte

I know it's illegal to urge the slow torture-then-quick-assassination of our demonic and genocidal lying piece of shit "President", but for the sake of America, I can only say "Amen" to Cindy Sheehan's lament, that Bush should have been strangled or beaten to death in his crib as a baby. And here's to our law enforcement heroes who keep hos filthy ass in power - may they die and go to hell too. God bless America, and may the blood flow in Washington D.C.

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