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Why does his name sound like a hairball?


Or a fart?

mandible claw

the CIA in an evil plot sold crack in the ghetto to buy weapons for Iranian contras.. or something.. i think?

only Ows the truth!! he heard it from RonPaul before being banned from amazon!!!11!one!

Exy you need to update this thing more often man

mandible claw

oops.. meant to say "only Obama knows the truth."

the white man stole half my sentence while i was trying to stop him injecting me with aids


Good hell yes. Update the blog!

There is plenty of satire out there...I know you are busy whacking those demons out of sweet Shrillary, but you CAN
update a little more often, can't you?

Please, for the children.


Now that Tim Russert is dead, are you feeling inspired to take him on?

mandible claw

^^ Since now that Russert is dead he will be voting Democrat there's a good chance Exy will be on his case.

As for the children, not to worry. Obama fortuitously aborted them before they could feel the pain.

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